Paul Beers & Karen Schiffmiller

Navigating Hurricane Season Property Damage

(Released on June 15)
In this episode, Paul Beers, CEO and Managing Member for GCI Consultants talks with Karen Schiffmiller, President of FAPIA, the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, the largest public adjusting association in the country. They’ll break down the claims review process for hurricane property damage and how FAPIA helps their policyholders.
Everything Building Envelope Episode 67 - Chip Merlin

Dealing With Your Insurance Company After a Loss

(Released on May 26)
n this episode, Paul Beers, CEO and Managing Member for GCI Consultants, talks with Chip Merlin, Founder and President of Merlin Law Group, about teh representation and advocacy of insurance policyholders who are in disputes with their insurance carriers. They’ll break down teh claims review process and help you understand when you need to hire an attorney.
Episode 66- Henry Lopez - Building an Entrepreneurial Company Culture Through Technology

Building an Entrepreneurial Company Culture Through Technology

(Released on April 23)
In this episode, Chris Matthews, President and Principal for GCI Consultants, talks with Henry Lopez, managing partner at Levante Business Group, about how GCI has built a company culture through the values of entrepreneurship. Listen in as the two experts discuss how technology has played a part in building a sustainable company culture in the current climate of the building envelope industry.
GCI Podcast - Episode 65 - Chris Mathews and Adrian Lowenstein

Comparing Building Envelope Industry Perspectives and Trends – Skyline Windows

(Released on March 30)
Listen to Chris Matthews, President and Principal for GCI Consultants, talk with Adrian Lowenstein, National Business Development Manager for Skyline Windows, about the Building Envelope industry’s hot topics. Listen in as the two experts discuss energy code requirements, sustainability trends, and technology trends that they see in the Northeast where Skyline Windows is based versus the Southeast where GCI Consultants does a lot of work.
Everything Building Envelope Podcast Episode 64

Tremco Products and Applications for Building Envelopes

(Released on November 7)
Listen to Chris Matthews, GCI Consultants CEO & Founder talk with JD Snyder, Senior Technical Representative of Tremco Sealants, about the COVID-19, common waterproofing building envelope issues, and technology in the field. Listen in as the two experts discuss the in and outs of the current state of the Building Envelope landscape

Catastrophe Insurance Claims

(Released on September 3)
Listen to Paul Beers, GCI Consultants CEO & Founder talk with Tara Stone, president of Stone Claims Group, about catastrophe insurance claims, wind storms, and hurricanes amidst this year’s current hurricane season. The two experts discuss the in and outs of the insurance claim process and how building envelope experts work together with insurance adjusters to identify damage.

Deck Waterproofing

(Released on August 21)
Listen to GCI Consultant team members and industry experts, Alfonso Alzamora and Jason Bondurant discuss plaza deck and pool deck waterproofing. Learn about the typical components that we find in these types of systems and how they are installed.

Wall Systems

(Released on July 10)
Today’s podcast will focus our conversation with David Hansen on his extensive knowledge of products and wall systems, especially exterior glazing systems and how they are intended to function, how to get them installed correctly, and how to keep them functioning right. David is gonna talk to you about some of the things he’s learned in his 30 years in the industry, problems, and recommendations he can offer to you.

Due Diligence of the Exterior Building Envelope

(Released on June 25)
Jason Bondurant deals with forensic investigations, problems with existing buildings. The main purpose of Due Diligence of the Building Envelope is to assess the condition of the building envelope at a property, to identify any deficiencies which might require repair or replacement. The building envelope refers to the exterior skin of the building, the exterior wall systems which might be brick or stucco glazing systems like storefronts, curtain walls, sliding glass doors, waterproofing systems on balconies or plaza decks, and the roofing systems on the roof of the building.

Is Your Building Prepared For Hurricane Season

(Released on June 1)
As hurricane season unfolds, we’re preparing for the possibility of tornadoes and thunderstorms that can cause storm damage to commercial properties and homes. Learn more about preparing your building for hurricane season from two industry experts; Jesmany Jomarron, the founding Partner at FPJL Trial Attorneys; and Paul Beers, a leading expert witness on hurricane damage and protection.