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Hurricane Windows, Fact or Fiction

Eric Kuczynski – Signals Defense

(Released on October 15th)

  • You have a unique niche in the construction and envelope market. How did this begin, and where do you see the future of building shielding going?
  • Can you describe architectural shielding as it relates to RF energy?
  • RF energy is commonly understood by the general public, as it relates to our everyday lives, via cell phones and wifi. We also see growing security concerns over these and other devices in the news and elsewhere. What are some of the security concerns that most people aren’t aware of?
  • Your products and services seem to center around the glass and glazing, but that’s just one piece of the envelope. Can you discuss the other features of construction that might impact RF shielding?
  • It seems our government and others have taken this type of technology and security very seriously for many years. What other applications or customers do you see benefiting from this?