Tom Madigan
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney

(Released on April 15th)

  • In our last podcast we talked about risk allocation and risk management tools. So, now, despite having employed all of those measures, there are performance issues with the building envelope that lead to litigation. How can the parties resolve their dispute quickly and cost-effectively?
  • So, what are some strategies for resolving building envelope performance litigation early and cost-effectively?
  • Isn’t that done as a matter of course in every case? Doesn’t every party go out and get an expert to work up a theory of what went wrong and who is responsible?
  • By every one agreeing to use a single independent expert?
  • Why isn’t that done in every case?
  • How do you overcome the reluctance to do an early evaluation?
  • Let’s say you weigh the risks and get agreement to do early testing and forensic examination. What kinds of things are you trying to determine.
  • Okay, you do the testing and forensic examination and you arrive at some degree of consensus as to what the extent and cause of the problem is. Then what?
  • What are the keys to getting to a remediation plan that all parties accept?
  • Let’s say you fashion a remediation plan that gets everyone’s buy in; how do you build a settlement around it?
  • That sounds like it would be in all of the parties’ interests. When isn’t remediating the problem the best solution and what are some of the obstacles that can get in the way even when it is?
  • How do you get over those obstacles?

Tom Madigan
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney

(Released on April 1st)

  • What is the difference between risk management and risk allocation?
  • I think we all understand why risk management is important, but why is risk allocation important?
  • I thought the designer was always responsible for the design and the contractor always responsible for construction?
  • What are some of the performance risks that need to be allocated between the architect and contractor, with respect to the design of the building envelope?
  • So what are some things that should be taken into consideration when deciding the best way to allocate risk in the design and construction contracts?
  • What are some best practices in allocating risk between the design and construction contracts when it relates to the building envelope?
  • Let’s shift to Risk Management. What are some examples where failure to properly manage the design and construction process can increase risk of non-performance?
  • Even when all of these best practices are employed, things still go wrong. What about contractual remedies and guarantees?

Anirban Basu
The Associated Builders and Contractors

(Released on March 15th)

  • Where do interest rates head from here?
  • Is the U.S. economy poised to grow 3 percent in 2017?
  • What impact will a Trump presidency have on construction?
  • What are the construction segments that appear poised for the fastest growth?
  • Should we be worried about inflation this year?

Rick Chitwood
Trump Group Development

(Released on March 1st)

  • What is your background in the construction industry in South Florida?
  • What role do you foresee developer’s playing in the South Florida Building Code?
  • What are developers doing to mitigate the natural disasters that occur in South Florida?
  • What are the main changes you see forthcoming in the construction industry?

John Babun
Sika Corporation

(Released on February 15th)

  • What are the largest challenges you see right now pertaining to window and door flashings?
  • What are the benefits of liquid applied flashings?
  • What are the benefits of a cementitious waterproofing for windows and doors?
  • Is one flashing appropriate for all applications?

Bob Ford
Representing Eastman Chemical Company

(Released on February 1st)

  • The Advanced Materials Division within Eastman Chemical
  • Laminated Glass and it’s Applications
  • What is laminated glass?
  • How is laminated glass made?
  • Architectural & Automotive Applications
  • Security, Safety, Sound, Solar, Storm, and Style

James LaGreca
Representing DSS Condo

(Released on January 15th)

  • Who is required to obtain a 40-Year Recertification?
  • What does the 40-Year Recertification consist of?
  • What gets inspected?
  • When does an owner need to perform the recertification?
  • When is the report due?
  • Where does an owner obtain 40-year Recertification information in order to start the process?
  • Where do we find a qualified Architect/Engineer?
  • Why do we need to perform these inspections?
  • How do we get the 40-Year Recertification done?

Frank Thomas and David Westbrook
Representing Landmark Restorations

(Released on January 1st)

  • About Landmark Restorations.
  • What sets Landmark Restorations apart from its competitors.
  • What drives most of your work—from a client standpoint?
  • What are the challenges in this business?
  • How has the market/clients changes over time?
  • What do you see as the future of Landmark Restorations?

Pre-Glazed, Unitized, Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors – Ray Crawford – Crawford-Tracey

(Released on December 15th)

  • Advantages of the unitized systems over the traditional stick-built glazing systems
  • Crawford-Tracey’s Pro-Tech line of pre-glazed systems have a water rating of 100psf; the industry average is 12 to 15 psf. What is the significance of having such a higher water rating?
  • The Pro-Tech system uses a single seal as a moisture barrier. The benefit of using a single seal versus a dual seal. Is the single seal adequate?
  • How the updated FL Building Code affected requirements for exterior glazing systems. Has it changed how your systems are manufactured?

Industrial and Custom Structural Skylights – Paul Simony

(Released on December 1st)

  • Why are skylights a must have for large buildings?
  • What kind of skylights are available?
  • How has the industrial skylight evolved over the years?
  • ICC-ES Listings and why they are important
  • Photovoltaic, BIPV Systems

Jon Kimberlain – Silicone Sealants for Weatherproofing and Glazing

(Released on November 15th)

  • Give a brief history of silicone sealants used in both weatherproofing and structural glazing applications.
  • What is the benefit of using silicone sealants in those types of applications?
  • How long do these materials last (sustainability) in those applications?
  • What are the upcoming innovations using silicone based materials?

Omar Sheikh

The AEC Industry and Bluebeam Revu

(Released on November 1st)

  • What is Bluebeam Revu and what can it do?
  • How has the AEC industry adopted technology like Bluebeam Revu?
  • What challenges has the AEC industry faced in terms of technology adoption?
  • How do you see technology influencing the industry today and in the future?
  • How has the GCI team adopted Revu and continued to evolve its use?

Tim Salerno – Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels

Episode 9 Tim Salerno & Paul Beers

(Released on October 1st)

  • What’s taking place in the current construction market place that is helping drive the prefab business?
  • What are some concerns & solutions of prefab? Ex, panel to panel joints, etc.
  • What type of cladding options are available for owners & design professionals to choose from, for claddings that can be prefabricated in a climate controlled facility?
  • Does prefab walls for the exterior envelope offer the ability to meet code requirements for air barriers, c.i., and in the case of Florida or other high velocity wind zones, hurricane impact requirements?

Diana Darling – The Architects Newspaper

Episode 8: Paul Beers & Diana Darling

(Released on September 15th)


EVE Episode 7

Paul Beers: Field Water Infiltration Testing

Episode 7: Paul Beers & Will Smith

(Released on September 1st)

  • How to use field testing for:
    • New Construction
    • Forensic Investigation
  • ASTM Standards
  • AAMA Standard
  • Improper testing and how it affects litigation cases
EVE Episode 6

Paul Beers discusses Building Envelope Hotspots

Episode 6: Paul Beers

(Released on August 1, 2016)

  • Below Grade Waterproofing
  • Amenity Decks
  • Planters
  • Rooftop Pedestrian Areas
  • Water Features
  • Balconies
  • Stucco Systems

Architectural Glass, Technologies and Trends.

Episode 5: Paul Beers and Jeff Rigot

(Released on July 1, 2016)

  • Guest Jeff Rigot talks about his employer Viracon, the industry, its business, product lines and the markets it serves
  • Paul and Jeff discuss the 2014 provisions for Commercial and Residential building facades and fenestration technologies being used today to meet hurricane standards
  • Commercial/Residential Energy Code changes to the glazing market in Florida
  • Architectural and current fenestration design trends and technologies for building facades
  • Perspective on current business climate for new commercial construction in Florida and predictions for the next 2-3 years.
EVE Episode 4-200

Hurricane Glazing Systems Can Do So Much More

Episode 4: Paul Beers

(Released on June 1, 2016)

1. History of Hurricane Glazing, how it came about and how it developed into a cottage industry in Florida and beyond
2. The many uses for hurricane glazing and beyond hurricanes such as: Bomb blasts, tornado’s seismic, security and acoustics
3. Evolution of hurricane glazing codes and standards. The SBCCI and ASTM efforts
4. Where systems are today

EVE Episode 3b

Waterproofing Systems from ground to roof

Episode 3: Paul Beers and Senior Consultant Peter Craig

(Released on May 1, 2016)

1. Background expertise of Peter Craig
2. Trends and waterproofing
3. Below grade is the starting point
4. Options that are good – better – best
5. Amenity Decks
6. Roofing trends
7. Why to use a third party for quality control

EVE Episode 2b

Waterproofing Exterior walls

Episode 2: Paul Beers and V.P. Senior Consultant Chris Matthews

(Released on April 1, 2016)

1. Background of Chris Matthews
2. Different approaches to prevent water infiltration
3. Importance and value of waterproof testing
4. Keeping water out
5. Sequence of events crucial for best results

Everything Building Envelope - Podcast Episode 1

Premier episode introduction to Podcast series

Episode 1: CEO of GCI Consultants Paul Beers

(Released March 1, 2016)

1. Background of host Paul Beers
2. The impact of hurricanes and GCI’s involvement in establishing new building codes
3. Who is GCI and the services we offer
4. Goal: To discuss topics related to the exterior building envelope.
Best Practices, Emerging trends, Hazards